An ideal venue would be a training hall suitable for physical exercise such as a school gym or sport centre. The floor area will be matted when appropriate but otherwise be a sprung wooden foor. The karate club will be called Randori Training Camps


The Instructors will be known as coaches.


Students will be known as athletes.

Training Attire:

All coaches and students must wear appropriate Karate Randori attire, this doesnt mean only Karate Randori branded gear must be worn but standards in appearance and conduct must be adhered to, so whenever possible OK branded attire should be recommended.

Coaches licence fee:

There is no coaches licence fee, as a coach you are also a Karate Randori promoter and we want to encourange you to build your club without having any unnecessary financial burden placed upon you.

Students licence fee:

The student will pay an annual licence fee to Karate Randori. Coaches will give students information so that they can register online. (The licence fee is the squad fund)

Standards of coaching:

Coaches will be required to attend two coaching workshops per year.

OK attire and equipment:

While it is understood that existing clubs may already have their own equipment, all future equipment must be OK branded. 


Karate gi's and belts are never worn at Randori training Camps. A belt signifies both a style and standard. A black belt signifies elite proficiency and is subjective. Sport karate athletes will be judged on their actual ability. A karate gi will be worn for competitions and selections, the belt worn in this instance will be red on one side and blue on the other.


Join Our Team

If you would like to chat about becoming an OK coach you can message me on facebook chat 


Typically when someone joins a karate club they subscribe to a style, join an association and by default become a member of a governing body. The next 3 or so years are then usually dedicated to practising the clubs style while working through the clubs syllabus and taking gradings to obtain belts, accumulating in the black belt. 90% of clubs are children, and only about 10% of students ever show any interest in competition.  

Karate Randori is 100% competition based and is basically an independent group who has gone rogue in order to reinvent the way people train for sport karate. We do not subscribe to any association or governing body.

So why would you want to join us?

Because the traditional karate club format is dead and these days attracts only children. I am a full time Karate Randori promoter and will be promoting Karate Randori clubs and coaches as well as providing branded Karate Randori workout gear.