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Below are questions and answers that should give you a good feel of what Karate Randori is all about. As more questions come in we will add them in this section. 
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    I am a karate instructor with a well established club, how do I get involved with Randori training camps?
    Most clubs who train to compete do so either during their regular training sessions or they hold separate squad training for only those members interested in competition. This is your very first step to being a Randori club, where you will run squad training sessions to develop your athletes under a karate randori annual membership.
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    Why do I need to have a separate squad training session?
    Think of your Randori sessions as squad training and a totally separate club to your regular classes. It is designed to hone your competitive athlete's fighting skills and help them to develop to their full potential. It is 100% for the competitive karateka where athletes will be selected to compete at international competitions.
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    Why can't I just have my athletes train with my regular students?
    Your goal is to produce sport karate athletes and not martial artists. Your regular classes are most likely influenced by a particular style of karate, with white gi's and coloured belts. Randori training is unique in that the atmosphere resembles more of a boxing gym than a dojo.
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    What if my entire club are interested in competition?
    If your entire club are interested in competition then they will all attend your squad training sessions and all hold an karate randori annual licence. Again, think of your squad training sessions as a separate entity and your attendees as athletes who are training for competition conditioning.
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    "I now have my first squad training session planned, how do I go about becoming an OK registered club?"
    As a coach you will need to apply for a karate randori licence, free of charge. Once your licence has been approved your squad members apply for individual athlete licences which cost £20 annually, the proceeds of which will be used for international trips to competitions.
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    How are athletes selected for international competitions?
    In exactly the same way as any squad selects athletes. A karate randori squad session will take place and a team selection will be made.
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    How do you establish an athletes ability if you don't work to a belt grading system?
    The belt system has been abused and used as a revenue builder for many clubs over the years. The belt worn only reflects the acceptable standard of that particular club with many students never failing a grading as long as they are regular attendees. Even clubs that have a high standard rarely take the students fighting/sparring ability into account when awarding grades. karate randori athletes are awarded a badge which reflects their actual fighting ability - simply put, an athlete has to compete to earn their badge.
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    Why are karate gi's never worn?
    Karate gi's are only worn during karate randori squad selections and competitions, not in the regular club training setting as it is not a traditional karate club. A red or blue belt is only worn to distinguish the competitors.
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    Which association or governing body is OK affiliated with?
    karate randori is an independent brand and we are not affiliated to any association or governing body and do not have a constitution or elected officials. This means we do not have the usual conflict associated with keeping shareholders happy.
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    How do I get started?
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